TRAVEL TUESDAY: Aspinal Of London Travel Wallet

Aspinal of London Travel Wallet, Must have travel items, tips for traveling, traveling tips
Aspinal of London Travel Wallet, Must have travel items, tips for traveling, traveling tips
Top: Vineyard Vines (old) | Pants: Nordstrom (cheaper option here) | Watch: Michael Kors | Bracelets: David Yurman (link and cuff, albion ring and x crossover ) | Wallet Collection: Aspinal of London c/o

Welcome to another Travel Tuesday! I'm really excited to share today's travel accessories: the Travel Collection from Aspinal of London. If you follow along on Pinterest, you might have seen this pin a couple of weeks ago. After finding them online, I immediately fell in love. I travel all the time, as you know, and I knew this travel collection would be perfect!

Aspinal of London is (of course) based in the UK, but in the coming years they plan to open a store in NYC (yay!). Because their market is so large, they have several different travel collections (which I think is a brilliant idea). They also have a British, Plain, American and Canadian travel collection as well as a men's collection too.

The hardest part was picking out a color! I went with the navy lizard (sold out) from the plain collection because I just can't seem to get enough navy. It was between this color and the cognac. Another fun aspect of this collection is that they monogram everything for you. It's a very simple, classy and perfect addition to the set.

Shipping was so quick and I couldn't wait to get it in. The packing was so cute and (no surprise here) the collection was SO well made! It really is my go-to for travel now -- this wallet can hold everything. It will even remind you of what to bring! 
Boarding passes: check 
Currency: check
Ticket: check
Passports and documents: double check

Pro Tip: get all your documents together the night before and put them in one place where you will not forget them (like your wallet).

Another great thing is if you wanted to buy any of these separately, you can (although the full collection is less expensive). The wallet is sold here, as well as the passport cover and the luggage tags. Aspinal of London is also having a major sale right now, so be sure to shop away!

Even when I'm not traveling, I've been using this wallet all the time (see Instagram one and Instagram two). It's a perfect everyday wallet for those times when I'm home -- it really holds everything (yes, even my phone). I haven't put my passport cover to good use just yet but now that I have something this amazing, I'm yearning for another trip. 

Shop the look here:

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