Atlanta Braves:
An MLB team in the National League East division playing their home games at Turner Field in Atlanta, GA. Their colors are navy, scarlet and white. The Braves have won three World Series titles, the most recent being in 1995. They have won NL Pennants 17 times.

We did it! Today is the last day of my "What to Wear to a Baseball Game" series. Starting this baseball series, I thought it would be no problem, but boy was I wrong. We (my guests, Andrew and I) always had to be on top of everything -- do you know how hard it is to do 20 posts consecutively for 20 different teams? Did I mention the whole "not being able to shop for Lent" thing in the beginning of the series? It was rough. And as much as I knew about baseball, I knew very little about some of the teams. I knew what their colors were and where they were located … that's about it. I didn't know what they wear to games, but I sure did find something to post. On top of that I had to post "summer baseball' themed outfits while it was 40 degrees in New York. Ugh. But getting through all that showed me how much good came out of it. I was able to collaborate with new brands that I love, connect with baseball fans all over the country and show that I was able to really make something out of this series. I had a great time and I look forward to doing it again next year (with much more planning). 

But you knew I had to save the best for last: The Atlanta Braves. The Braves are my favorite team and I knew there wasn't anyone else I'd rather end this six-week series with. This look is one of my all-time favorites for casual everyday wear. White jeans are seriously God's gift to Earth and I can't wear them enough. Pairing them with my white Chucks and a Braves tee make them that much better. I'm going to catch a Braves-Cardinals game in two weeks and more than likely (depending on weather) I'll be sporting this look. It can get a little toasty for those hotter games at Turner Field (they don't call it hotlatna for nothing), and for those I would switch the pants out for some white shorts. There is just something so classic about the Braves and I'm happy I can represent them in the finale of my series. 

Another great thing is this new Braves tote from Vineyard Vines. There is really nothing better! This tote will be amazing for games and summer days. It's durable and (to me) is an iconic piece of Vineyard Vines' brand. It also doesn't hurt that I get to rep by Bravos all the time now!

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Atlanta Braves Inspired Outfit
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Atlanta Braves Inspired Outfit

Vineyard Vines was also sweet enough to send Andrew his own Braves belt! We'll ignore the fact that he is a biggg Mets fan and instead focus on how sweet he was to sport the belt and snap some pictures with me.

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Thanks for following along for such a fun series! I hope you enjoyed it. If you missed any team, you can check them all out here

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