Travel Tuesday: St. Louis, Missouri

Hi friends! I'm finally here for my St. Louis photo recap. Sorry it's taken me all week to post, but I've been moving my apt around and unplugged my computer in the process. I'm also in the middle of finding myself an actual desk so that could be half the problem. Anyway... If you remember, I traveled to St. Louis last weekend to visit friends. I had never been before and the Braves were in town so I thought it was a perfect weekend to go. I had a great time! Check it out: 

Our first stop (literally right from the airport) was Anheuser Busch. We were going to take a tour of the factory, but by the time we got there it was already sold out (sad face). Before I left, I of course took a Clydesdale selfie. Because that's what you do... right?

After the failed beer tour event, we grabbed a bite to eat at The Flying Saucer and proceeded to take a nap while watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. WORST idea ever by my friends to sleep to. Aka we didn't sleep... (I live a really exciting life, can't you tell?).

Next was dinner at Rosalita's Cantina where they had a MASSIVE margarita tower. It was way too sweet and sour for a light weight like me. Thankfully I was with some pro drinkers.
My wonderful friends Lucy and Tyler
(you can shop my earrings here-- I LOVE them!)

After playing a DUMB game made up by yours truly, we went home at 11pm and slept like babies. It was awesome. Then woke up bright and early (aka 11am) and drove over to SqWires for brunch. I'm what I would call a 'Bloody Mary Snob.' I freaking l-o-v-e them. All I ask is that they're not watered down and have a little kick to them-- so much to ask? I can't tell you how many times I've had shitty Bloody Mary's in the city. I don't know what the problem is. Well, here at SqWires they had a make your own Bloody Mary BAR. Filled with everything you could possibly imagine. This was my kid in a candy shop moment. #Praise

For the record my drink was AMAZING but I only had one. :( I woke up with an infection and was on antibiotics for the weekend which meant no drinking for me. 

Next up was the Braves-Cardinals game. Guys, I don't even like baseball! (jokeeeesss) This was my first time at Busch Stadium and (despite hating the Cardinals) I loved it. The view was amazing and it was really a great day for a baseball game. Not to mention we also had killer seats.
(I'm like #reallypretty)
Here's the crew for the game. Tommy, Lucy, Tyler and myself. We all went abroad together! If you don't remember my trip to London and Dublin, you can check them out here and here.

After the game we kept the dance party going on Tyler's rooftop. I mean it doesn't quite compare to mine, but for St. Louis standards this is pretty awesome.
Shop Lucy's Jack Rogers here and mine here.

For the night we went to Ballpark Village which is the brand new area of bars right outside the park. The idea behind it all is really cool and absolutely perfect for games and sports in general. I had a great time with one drawback-- it was a little too commercialized for me. But that wouldn't stop me from going back! Here's my look for the night (with the earrings again #duh)
Here's a look at the inside: (the bars are along the edges)

The next day we ventured out to the Arch! I know this is crazy to say, but it was SO much bigger than I thought. Since being in shock of the size of the Statue of Liberty, I always expect landmarks to be smaller. This however doesn't go for the Arch.

We also took a our and went up to the top! It was quite an experience and I highly recommend it to anyone planning on going! Here is the view from the top:
The ballpark...
And my #ArchSelfie #hadto

After the Arch, we did some shoppin at the mall. Here's my outfit for the day of festivities:
And I found love in a hopeless place. Aka I found Canes (the love of my life) and DEVOURED it. #bye
Speaking of food, I also found Chic-fil-A Monday before I left town. Why do I live in New York again? (No Canes, No Chic-fil-A... dumb).

All in all, had a great weekend taking selflies, not drinking, eating lots of fried chicken and spending wonderful time with my amazing friends! Until next time,
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