ROAD TRIP: Hilton Head, SC

Road Trip:
A series of road or away games.

Remember when I told you that I would recap my trip to Hilton Head? Yeah, that trip back in March. Whoops, I totally just realized that I forgot to post about it. So forgive me. Plus this is a fun way to reminisce the fun beach vacation. 

This trip was very last minute. Like Friday-afternoon-booking-a-Saturday-morning-flight last minute. This was in the middle of the miserable winter we were having. Tracy and I decided to get away and go to the beach. We wouldn't have pulled the trigger if it weren't for the cheap, cheap deals we got. Our flight to Savannah, Georgia was less than $200 round-trip. We picked up a car and drove an hour to Hilton Head, South Carolina where we stayed at Sonesta Resort. We got two nights at this amazing place for only $138. Yes, $138 for two nights at a beachfront resort. Hard life, right? Everything was just too good -- we had to say yes. So we did. Flew out of NYC at 6 a.m. (eek) and were on the beach by noon.

Here was my travel outfit:

Our first stop was the hotel restaurant (it was amazing) which had one of the best bloody marys. I think I need to go back. 

After a few drinks, we explored the resort and made our way to the beach. 

It was a little chilly that day (and by chilly I mean in the 60's-- too chilly to lay out). So we rented some bikes and went up along the shore. 

Side note: taking a bike selfie is a difficult task. 

We were having so much fun that we decided to bike all the way to one of my favorite spots on the island, The Salty Dog. Now, for those of you who don't know the island, that's a little bit of a hike on a bike. We were dumb and didn't take the bike baths but the beach. Going down was fine because we were going with the wind. Going back, not so much. We were exhausted. Take a look at the map of both spots:

Why not work out on vacation? The view and place were worth it:

That night we went for dinner to The Smokehouse, which I highly recommend! We went there off of a recommendation as well from a lovely old man on the beach. The place was great-- and cheap! Couldn't have asked for a better dinner after such a long day. 

The second day was beach day. The weather was great and it was time to get my sunburn tan on. Broke out the jacks and jean shorts and fried on the beach with Tracy.

That night we went to the Lighthouse and met up with our friend Michelle, her husband and friends for dinner at The Crazy Crab. We were able to catch the sunset and enjoy our last night on the island. 

We left the next morning and stopped by the outlets and Chic-Fil-a on our way out of town. It was just what the doctor ordered and I'm so happy we decided to go on this trip! Here are some of my outfits I wore over the weekend:

So there you have it! Sorry for the late late post, but I hope you enjoyed it.

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