ROAD TRIP: Catskills, NY

Road Trip:
A series of road or away games.

Hope everyone had a wonderful three-day weekend! For the holiday, Andrew and I met up with some friends in Windham, NY. If you're like me and you've never heard of it, it's located in upstate New York -- about two hours from the city in the Catskill Mountains. Our friend Kristen has a house up there and we decided it would be the perfect weekend getaway. Boy, was it amazing! Can I just say the weather this weekend was unreal?! I mean we couldn't have asked for better weather! Overall it was a great weekend with great friends and I was so sad to leave. Of course I'm sunburned on my chest, but if you don't get a little red your first time out, you're not really living (at least that's what I tell myself). 

So I just wanted to share some photos from our time up there.

 The water where the boys "fished" (there were no fish in the stream even though Andrew swears there were) and the girls laid out:

 (The back) of Kristen's house + Andrew. Really amazing place!
Catskills, NY

The view from the deck (I was convinced the whole weekend we weren't actually in New York):

Kristen also had a large pond in the back too:

Then at night we would do this puzzle (crazy, I know), but we were in the middle of nowhere, 15 minutes from the main road and 20 from the small town with nothing else to do while the temperature dropped to the 50's every night. It was fun to hang around, drink some beers and do this puzzle (I'm a rock star at them #nbd). This was all we were able to accomplish. But mind you this is a 1000-piece puzzle and hard as f#@k to do. I was proud of all we got done in two days. Those rocks will haunt my dreams…

That about wraps it up! I hope you had just as amazing of a weekend as I did!
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