Today my good friend Sydney from Summer Wind is helping guest post for the "What to Wear to a Baseball Game" series! As my favorite Pittsburgh girl, I couldn't think of anyone better to help with the Pirates today. Sydney is the best -- thanks for guest posting today, lady!

Pittsburgh Pirates:
An MLB team located in Pittsburgh, PA and members of the National League Central division. Their home games are played in PNC Park and their colors are black, gold and white. They're also often referred to as the "Bucs" or the "Buccos" (derived from buccaneer, a synonym for pirate). Until 2013, the Pirates had not made the playoffs since 1979.

Being born and raised in a city whose residents bleed black and yellow (cue the Wix Khalifa song), I'm a fan of any Pittsburgh sports team. The Pittsburgh Pirates had a very long slump of losing years, however, last year they made it into the playoffs and the city is abuzz with Pirates Pride. You'll hear people shouting 'Raise the Jolly Roger' when we win or chanting 'Let's Go Bucs' at the game. 

At the game, you'll feast on famous Primanti's sandwiches and root for your favorite pierogi in the pierogi race (my favorite is Jalapeno Hannah). You'll also sing Take Me Out to the Ballgame, and no worries if you forget the words, a smiley cookie will guide you along. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you may want to Google these things...Only in Pittsburgh.

Now, I'm not a huge baseball person, but I enjoy a sporting event and PNC Park, home of the Pirates, is stunningly beautiful. It offers sweeping views of downtown Pittsburgh and the firework nights are incredible. Seeing the fireworks sparkle against the skyscraper's windows is magical and makes me fall in love with my city all over again. 

As far as dress goes, the outfit I am wearing is not what a normal Pittsburgher would wear, but this is what I would wear. The average Pirates fan would be dressed in black and yellow with a Pirates t-shirt or some other official team apparel. I like to dress in team colors, but also like to keep it dressy enough so I can go out afterwards. PNC Park is near a ton of amazing restaurants and bars and during and after the games, they actually close down one of the streets for pre and post game parties. It's fun

Sunglasses are key as well as a long sleeved shirt because Pittsburgh doesn't get hot until late May/early June. A small bag is key because I'm pretty sure there is some rule about only being allowed to have a small bag. Flat shoes are the only way to go. Like Krista, Jack Rogers are always my go-to. So comfortable and so many color options. Thanks for having me Krista, Let's go bucs!! 

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