New York Yankees:
An MLB team based in the Bronx, NY and a member of the American League East division. They play in Yankee Stadium (the third) and their colors are navy blue, white and grey. The Yankees, nicknamed the Bronx Bombers, are the most successful franchise in North American professional sports winning 18 division titles, 40 American League pennants and 27 World Series championships (all MLB records).

Welcome to Day Four of the “What to Wear to a Baseball Game” series. Following along with the American League theme we have, today is all about the Yankees. Being a baseball fan, you either love or hate the Yankees. There is no in between, and I mean no in between. Because I never grew up in or around New York, I hated the Yankees. I hated everything about them — especially because they would beat my teams and win everything. But living in New York has made it much more difficult to cheer against them. Everyone here is a life-long, multi-generational fan and they’re everywhere I go. But I’m fine with that, because I can trash talk with the best of them. On the flip side, I really love baseball and there is nothing better than going to a game. Because I love baseball, I’ve attended some Yankees games since living here. It's not that bad a place after all. Their new stadium is really nice and they sell Dippin’ Dots (#weakness).  

There is also something so classic about the Yankees. That’s where this outfit comes in. If there is one thing I hate more than the Yankees, it's cheering for and wearing the colors of your team … who isn’t even playing. I mean If I’m going to a Yankees game with a Yankees fan at Yankee Stadium, I’m going to represent the Yankees (can I say Yankees one more time?) There is nothing more classic than an all-white outfit with a brown belt. It’s clean and wonderful and shows a little bit of class in a flashy way—just like the Yankees. I paired the outfit again with my navy/white Jack Rogers (side note: the Yankees are navy not black) because what’s more classic than Jacks? Nothing. I’m telling you, they’re prefect for baseball games. For the hotter days, I’d switch out the jeans for some white shorts. Easy peasy. Just be careful when you load up the hot dog that you don't spill it all over. That would suck.

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Baseball and Jack Rogers

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