We meet again, friends. This is week 5 and I'm still going strong! I almost gave it up on this purse, but after talking to my mom I decided to be strong and see Lent to the end. 

These shoes are the shoes of my dreams, but will probably be on my wish list for some time. I love the strap across the front and who cant resist those red soles?!

I'm also craving some warm weather and some water. But to get there I have to have the proper attire. I'm drooling over this scallop bikini!! If that's not motivation to get back in shape, I don't know what is!

I'm also doing a little DIY project soon for the Derby and I really need some shoes to make pretty. These bad boys are just the ones I need. It's difficult with the baseball series and the derby not to shop. 

And last but not least is this gingham skirt. It's perfect for the summer and I think I'm really going to need it. It's also only $66 so that's right up my alley!

That's all for the Lent Saturday. If you want up to date shopping (or just over all fun) you can follow me on pinterest. I'm also in Dallas for the weekend for the UK game! Go Cats! Follow me on instagram for live pictures :) 
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