To start, sorry for all the photos. I can't help it that Caitlin is such a great photographer and I that I reallllllllyyyyy love this outfit. To confess, I've sinned (?)... I gave up shopping for Lent (reminder: as a challenge, not because of my religion) and while in Charlotte I found this Vineyard Vines peplum stripe top. Really, we shouldn't have been at the mall, I shouldn't have been trying this on, and it shouldn't have been such a great sale ($19 from Belk....). I felt sick after doing it, but just reminded myself that this is the reason for the season. To be aware, to understand and learn. Check check and check.

Anyways... I had an amazing time in Charlotte with Caitlin! We are such amazing friends that we can 100% be ourselves around each other. You know that extra silly, having fun while doing nothing type of friendship? That's us. I'm so grateful to call her one of my best friends--- she gets everything about me-- my real life and my blog life. Not many people can connect on so many levels. Thankful to the moon and back for this little lady. Love you Caitlin! (She even let me borrow this killer pearl necklace ((ummmmm it's $15 guys..)) aint that sweet of her?)

vineyard vines peplum stripe top
Preppy Look
Pearl Necklace

We spent about half our weekend looking at videos and decided to make one of our own! It was really last minute and kind of thrown together, so work with me here. Hope you enjoy it anyway!

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