We're in the third week of Lent! And without this slip up, I've been perfect. But man has it been rough. The whole picking pinterest up again doesn't help much... although it has been nice to document and keep a list of the things I want.

Like this dress... I swear gap keeps getting better and better and I'm praying that they still have this when this is all over. The navy and white with the stripes and the pockets... it all just works. Put it on my tab!

While we're on the topic of how awesome Gap has been lately, I also have my eyes on these shorts and this dress. Do you see a theme here with all the navy and white? I just can't seem to get enough.

I've also been on the hunt for a couple months now for a mini elephant necklace. Weird, I know but I'm really into mini/delicate necklaces and I really really want this one. I would have about fainted if it came in gold, but silver will have to do. I just still can't believe I found one!!

And last on the list today is this pearl necklace. Along with the elephant necklace, I've been on the look out for a good chunky pearl necklace. I think this does the trick and there's also a matching bracelet. Maybe a little too much, but who knows.

Hope you have a great Saturday!
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