Bleacher Seats:
Bleacher seats (bleachers) are uncovered seats that are typically tiered benches or other inexpensive seats located in the outfield or in any area past the main grandstand.

Here is the second look from my weekend in Hilton Head with Tracy. If you remember, I bought this scallop dress and necklace (both on sale!!) a little while back. I have yet to be able to wear it since I bought it because of this thing called 'winter,' but I found Hilton Head was the perfect first appearance for this pretty little number! I think it also helped (?) that I'm wearing this with a nice little tan... some color... sunburn so it can make the dress not look like the color of my skin. So excuse my extreme redness and goosebumps. All this time spent in the cold has rattled my brain. I thought my pale skin didn't need any sunblock at the beach... that was dumb of me! I even managed to get this horrible tan line from my mini necklace. #ouch

As you know I also wore this panama hat the entire weekend. It's really the perfect summer accessory-- especially when you're at the beach! I miss warm days like these and being able to wear my jacks all the time! Warm weather come soon!

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And you know how I love to post my bloopers! There were some bugs in the way...

I also decided to make a little video of our time biking on the beach. Hope you enjoy!

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