Happy Valentines/Galentines Day everyone! This year to celebrate, I'm off to DC for the weekend with Andrew. I know, I know, the weather absolutely sucks. But that wont stop us from going! I've never been to DC before so I'm really excited. There are SO many things to do and we have a jam-packed couple of days. It also helps that we have Monday off so we can go for a long weekend. 

I'm sure you can tell by now, that I travel quite a lot. When I was recapping my trip to Dallas, I had a follower comment and ask "do you have any tips of packing and/or outfit planning?" Well I do! I thought it'd be a fun thing to share and thanks to Holli for the great question/idea.

1. Before every trip I always check the weather. 
I know it's going to be cold, just about the same as New York weather so I know just to pack outfits that I would wear in the city. 

2. I plan out the trip day by day.
Normally I plan it out in my head, but for the purpose of this post I wrote it out. I wrote down the day by day activities and from there I wrote out how many outfits I needed to pack/what occasion I needed them for. 

How to Pack for a Trip

3. I try on and test outfits.
I pull different ideas from my closet and throw together outfits that I'd like to wear and post about. I started doing this because it helps a lot with not over packing. It also helps that I know I like the clothes together instead of finding that out the day I want to wear them. I only took a snap of the first outfit just to give you an idea.

So here are my outfits for the trip:

Early train ride and Day 1 of walking around DC:


Day 2 of DC (add wedges for dinner):

Day 3 and train ride home:

4. I pack everything in my suitcase and leave out the outfit I need for the first day.
In this step I of course add in my toiletries, underwear and everything in-between. 

I also make sure to pack items that are easily interchangeable in case I wanted to mix and match some outfits. The more I travel, the better I get at packing but there are still sometimes when I pack last minute and throw everything I can fit into a suitcase. I try and stick things with my duffle because 1- I know I (or Andrew) will have to carry it there and back and 2- it is my smallest suitcase so it keeps me under. I travel a whole lot, so I will try and do more of these posts if you guys like it! Let me know if you have any other questions. 

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