Bronx bombers:
A nickname for The New York Yankees.

As you all know, New York Fashion week has come and gone in the city. Before living here, I really loved coming in town for it and looking forward to all #NYFW has to offer. But as a current resident, I have to admit it's not all that appealing. Probably because it's no longer a vacation, but more of a fun thing to do over the weekend (when you find time). I still love it and seeing everyone, but I just found myself not as eager to go to shows and events this year. Although, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see my friend Brighton at her Dee Keller Blogger Brunch! Had a great time and it was a perfect way to celebrate fashion week!

(images from @kristarobertso on instagram)

As for my outfit... I really didn't plan on doing anything for fashion week, so I wasn't able to shop for a new outfit. Which is good for two reasons: saving money and challenging me to remix my closet! I know this outfit may look a little different, but let me explain it. It's a crop top and high-wasted skirt, with a blazer over the crop top and tucked into the skirt. A little confusing, no? I know it's very different, but I think I like it. Thoughts?

I was also sure to make my feet happy. In the past I've been rather mean to them. This time around I wanted to be comfortable above all. So I wore my new Elaine Turner boots!


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    1. Thanks Rachel! Something new and different,might be doing it more now!

  2. I really love your honesty about attending NYFW. For those of us that don't get to attend, all we seem to see is the glamorous side so it is refreshing to hear a blogger discuss her thoughts! I also am a huge fan of re-mixing your closet and love what you have done with this look!


    1. Thanks Amanda-- for everything! i'm always happy to speak my mind and burst this bubble that people curate! hahah

  3. These earrings are too cute! And for some reason you look like the gorgeous Kat Denning to me in these photos :)

    -- Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

    1. I actually get that a lot! Hahaha thank you Alex!


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