Bronx bombers:
A nickname for The New York Yankees.

As you all know, New York Fashion week has come and gone in the city. Before living here, I really loved coming in town for it and looking forward to all #NYFW has to offer. But as a current resident, I have to admit it's not all that appealing. Probably because it's no longer a vacation, but more of a fun thing to do over the weekend (when you find time). I still love it and seeing everyone, but I just found myself not as eager to go to shows and events this year. Although, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see my friend Brighton at her Dee Keller Blogger Brunch! Had a great time and it was a perfect way to celebrate fashion week!

(images from @kristarobertso on instagram)

As for my outfit... I really didn't plan on doing anything for fashion week, so I wasn't able to shop for a new outfit. Which is good for two reasons: saving money and challenging me to remix my closet! I know this outfit may look a little different, but let me explain it. It's a crop top and high-wasted skirt, with a blazer over the crop top and tucked into the skirt. A little confusing, no? I know it's very different, but I think I like it. Thoughts?

I was also sure to make my feet happy. In the past I've been rather mean to them. This time around I wanted to be comfortable above all. So I wore my new Elaine Turner boots!

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