Everyday player:
A position player who's a regular in the starting line-up.

 Sometimes, with these baseball titles, I like to make somewhat of a connection to the post. For today, I think I did a pretty good job (Other days of course it's way off). This is one of my "starting line-up" outfits. It's like a go-to for me: the sweater + vest + leggings look always works well in any situation. Whether it be work, errands, hanging around the apartment, or even going out. This look works. Obviously it's more for colder weather occasions, but you know what I mean. What is even better about this outfit is that it's mostly made up of things from one to two years ago. The sweater was a two years ago H&M find. While the leather look leggings (ahead of it's time) and vest were from last winter (Akira and J. Crew). I have to keep reminding myself that I have great pieces in my closet, I don't need to be shopping so much!

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