An umpire, referring to the typical dark blue color of the umpire's uniform.

My mom always said, "If you find something you really love, get it in every color." While I sometimes take this rule a little out of context (like nail polish, or shoes) I always apply it when necessary. For example: this J. Crew double crepe skirt. I first bought it in this royal blue color because we all know my weakness when it comes to blue things. It's just my color, okay? It makes my eyes pop... sometimes... and I always will have something to wear when I visit Kentucky to tailgate (which needs to happen asap). Anyway... I bought this skirt and have yet to look at another in my closet. I'm 85% sure it was made for me (15% realizing that it was not) because it is perfect for my body. Let me break it down for you:

Homegirl here has what we like to call a "big booty." Not fat in anyway, just big. I've always had it and I can thank my mom for passing it along and my sister for (what she claims) rubbing it into a perfect circle. It really is a family masterpiece that I think we can all take some credit for. Most of time having a big butt is a plus... except for those times when shopping for clothes, that are of course, made for people without said butt. Where I find the most trouble with this is skirt shopping. Public enemy number one? Pencil skirts. They just don't work for me. Unless there is a LOT of stretch, it's just not going to happen. My waist and hips are NOT the same size and people who made pencil skirts for some reason think they are. 

So when it comes to "work appropriate" skirts, my life gets a little bit harder. I've always wanted the very structured, great quality, and good material type skirt that would be a staple in my closet. And now I've found it! This skirt is honestly perfect because it fits my smaller waist while also having a mini (aka not overdone) flare around the hips/butt. It's just structured perfectly for my body and I know this type of skirt will never go out of style and will forever be a go-to in my closet. I love it so much I went back for the white and black skirt as well. Next up: the navy and pink. They all will be mine!

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Top: J. Crew/Skirt: J. Crew (cobalt blue is on sale!)/Shoes: Calvin Klein/Watch: Michael Kors

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covering the bases, krista robertson, southern shopaholic 

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"Come on, blue!"

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