Big leagues:
A nickname for Major League Baseball.

Maybe it's just me but when I think of the young b/millionaires out there, I think of them in a band/sports t-shirt and a blazer. Where their outfit says, "I'm professional, but I'm here to party." While also letting people know they're their own boss and they can wear whatever they want. I also imagine the outfit to be topped off with a pair of converse sneakers. Their outfit would almost be to a point where you wouldn't take a second look at them on the street, until their rolex (or overpriced something) catches your eye.

That's kind of my inspiration for this outfit. 'The Young Professional' as I call it. Especially since I work in a sports office where I'm constantly told my dress and heels are 'way too over-dressed' (is there such a thing?) I like to wear this from time to time. I fit in more with what everyone else is wearing (the whole t-shirt and jeans thing), but I like to add my spin to it (as usual) and pair the t-shirt with a fun blazer and some bling. So here's my every time I don't-want-to-wear-heels-to-work work outfit.

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