Summer classic:
The Major League Baseball All-Star Game is also known as the Mid-Summer Classic. This is where the All-Stars of the National League play the All-Stars of the American League in the middle of the baseball year. 

This outfit contains all the simplicity I love and all the summer weather I want. This dress is so perfect because it can be dressed up or down and easily thrown on for any occasion. I'm not one to ever pair sneakers with a dress (it's actually a really big rule of mine) but these shoes just scream summer to me. Therefore, I wear them with everything! Especially when you walk around NYC all day, you have to find comfortable and cute shoes. These are it! If you don't have a pair, I suggest you buy some soon! I promise you wont regret it. 

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Dress: Old Navy/Shoes: Converse/Jacket: A&F (super old-- similar)

monogram necklace

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Since 2003 it has been a bit more important than an exhibition game, however, because the winning league gets home-field advantage in the World Series.

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