A prep player is a draft prospect who is still in high school.

For the days it's actually cold out, I like to layer up! Part of my fall go-to outfit is always my Ralph Lauren oxford. This time, to change it up, I thought I'd throw a peplum shirt over it and actually fell in love with how it looked. I also added my groopdealz lookalike J. Crew necklace and it went perfectly. And of course for colder weather, you gotta break out the booties! I have a feeling this whole outfit will be similarly repeated all fall/winter long.

how to layer for fall
Top: Ralph Lauren (under) Lord & Taylor (peplum)/Necklace: Groopdealz/Jeans: BlueTique/Shoes: Tory Burch

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E.g., "Braves select prep right-hander 26th overall."


  1. The peplum top looks wonderful over the oxford! A great way to mix things up.XO

  2. LOVE those Tory Burch booties. Great outfit!


  3. LOVE this outfit. Especially the oxford layered under the peplum. I would have never thought to do that but I looks lovely. Yay for cooler weather!

    Jenna Brianne

  4. Love this look! Great colors too =)

  5. Love this outfit!


  6. Krista you always look great but your butt in those pants is out of this world! Makes me wanna do some squats! Also a nice colour combo with the burgundy and oxford blue!


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