Men in blue:
The umpires. 

It's no surprise that I love the color blue. So this outfit is a favorite of mine! It's also at the top of my list because this romper is perfect for this summer heat. I've lived in the south for a long time but seesh! New York is H-O-T hot! It doesn't really help there isn't any wind because of the buildings... This romper is wonderful because it's breezy, light weight and super cute! I'm also pretty happy about these sunglasses. A few of my friends were iffy about them, but I ended up buying them anyway. I love the color and the mirror lens on them. And you can never go wrong with Ray-Ban. They're different and fun, especially for summer!  

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Romper: Necessary Clothing/Purse: Michael Kors (old)/Shoes: Tory Burch/Sunglasses: Blue Mirror Ray Bans

And the best part of the sunglasses are pictures like this:

This is the view from my window in the apartment!


  1. Love those sunnies I am going to drop by to my local Nordstrom and see if I can get them! Great romber too :)

  2. Krista I love your romper! What size did you get? I'm afraid I might order too small or too big and we look like we might be the same size so I was curious! :)

  3. The pattern on this romper is so adorable! I love the way you styled it. :)

    xx - Danielle

  4. Love the blue purse! Perfect size and shade! What style is it listed under?


  5. i love ur sunnies! I also ordered the exact same one.. how do you find your blue so far? is it too flashy?


  6. Great outfit! Love the color of the sunnies. Aren't those Tory Burch Millers sandals great? I have the same Miller in a few different colors.


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