Quality Start:
Quality start is a statistic for a starting pitcher defined as a game in which the pitcher completes at least six innings and permits no more than three earned runs.

If you don't know yet, I'm officially in New York! That meant 13 hours, three days, 30 boxes, my parents, Dixie and a u-haul got me to where I am now. I finally gave in and bought the panama hat from J. Crew. I've had my eye on it for a while now and since the weather has been so great recently, I decided it had to be mine. This hat pretty much goes with everything so I consider it a rather good investment in my closet. Say hello, because you'll be seeing a lot more of this hat.

For now, I wanted to just pair it with a simple outfit. I've been looking for a black maxi for a couple of weeks to just be comfortable in, but never found the right one. Then I had the bright idea to pair my favorite tank top with a black maxi skirt. And way-la! A very own make shift maxi. Pretty good idea right? I gave myself a pat on the shoulder for this idea. Hopefully I'll have more! I paired it with one of my favorite pairs of Jack Rogers to complete this summertime look. Simple colors that go great with everything!

And stay tuned for pictures of the apartment! Until then...
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Top: BlueTuque (old)/Skirt: BlueTique/Hat: J Crew/Shoes: Jack Rogers
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Glad to be back... and from New York! Excited to get started

The highest "quality start" percentage for a given season was recorded by Greg Maddux, who had 24 of them in 25 games in 1994.

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