Fielder's choice:
(Abbreviated FC) Is the act of a fielder, upon fielding a batted ball, choosing to try to put out a baserunner and allow the batter-runner to advance to first base.

One of the many things I love about New York is having every shop at my fingertips. One in particular is ZARA. I swear they're on every corner here and I love it. I've been debating this skirt/short for some time now and I finally bit the bullet and got them. I really love the crisp white color and how different this bottom is. If someone told me a month ago I'd be wearing a skort, I'd call them crazy. But here I am, skort and all...

There's something very preppy and clean about a gingham button up and white. Not to mention adding the brown to tie it all together and give it that classic look. I love this button up and my secret is that it's a boys large! For some reason they decide to make the cutest prints for boys and leave the girls behind. So instead, I just buy a boys shirt and also save some money! 

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Skirt: Zara/Top: Ralph Lauren Gingham shirt/Shoes: Steve Madden/Watch: Michael Kors

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I'm also featuring Jeffery on the blog today! He's one of the best dressed guys I've met in the city. I wanted him to join in on the photo shoot so I can show his style off. Seriously, how cute is he!

Despite reaching first base safely after hitting the ball, the batter is not credited with a hit but would be charged with an at-bat.

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