Pinch hitter:
A substitute batter.

Most of the outfits I post here are ones I wear everyday to work, out with friends, and running around New York. However, there are some times I like to dress up for a special occasion and today is one example of that. Honestly, I'd wear this outfit to a Holiday party. It's a little bit dressier, but not over done. I really like the idea of metallics around the holidays and New Year and no matter the time of year, you can never go wrong with a white shirt. I also added in the red purse- 1. because it's a favorite of mine and 2. because it brings in some color. Probably the best thing about this purse is that I found it at a resale shop back home in Chicago. It amazes me how many good finds there are at these different stores. One woman's trash is another woman's treasure? I think so. 

Photo Credit: Julia

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Top: BlueTique (old)/Skirt: Francesca's (old)

Often brought in during a critical situation (a "pinch") to replace a weak batter (usually the pitcher, in the National League). In other circumstances it may be a situational substitute.

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