Yellow Hammer:
A sharp-breaking 12-6 curveball. 

Admittedly, this sweater is the only thing I own from Madewell, but it's a good one. I got this resale online over a year ago. Honestly, I saw a picture on pinterest and fell in love with the sweater. Lucky for me it showed up in my size on a resale app and I bought it right away. It's a perfect 'go-to' sweater for fall because it's a lighter material, but will keep you semi warm on the cooler days. I also don't wear a ton of yellow. Maybe it's just not my color, but for this sweater I think it works. And we can all address the elephant in the room... chevron. It's way overdone nowadays, but I think in this case we can look past the print since it's not overwhelming and just appreciate the sweater. 

During the fall and winter my outfit usually always contains: sweater, jeans and boots. It's simple, always in style and comfortable for every occasion. I wear this to work, necklace or not, while also transitioning it out to drinks, dinner, or just running errands.
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Sweater: Madewell/Necklace: BaubleBar/Jeans: BlueTique/Boots: Ciao Bella/

The 12 to 6 curveball is the toughest type of curveball to hit as a batter, because it moves vertically, and has no horizontal break. The 12–6 curveball, unlike the normal curveball (also referred to as the "11 to 5 curve" or a "2 to 8 curve" for its motion), breaks in a downward motion in a straight line. This explains the name "12–6", because the break of the pitch refers to the ball breaking from the number 12 to the number 6 on a clock. (source)

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