Referring to a fielder's glove.

Remember back in the day in middle school (for me at least) when we rocked the heck out of some pleather pants from Limited Too? Talk about the good days, amirite? It's fun to see some trends repeat themselves! Except you, choker wire necklace, you stay back. Leather was just dipping it's toes in the water last winter, but boy did it make a comeback this fall! Leather... everything! I will admit I own a few pieces myself, but this skirt was the first of its kind. This outfit is for the chiller-days... ones where it's cold, but not cold enough to cover up your legs. So with that, you wear a skirt, some boots, and your everyone's favorite vest. Add a blog red lip into the mix and we have ourselves an outfit! 

Photo Credit: Julia from Poppies and Bluegrass (she's the best!)

j. crew vest, herringbone j. crew, quilted vest

black riding boots, leather mini skirt, leather skirt, j. crew vest, bauble necklace

herringbone vest, jcrew herringbone,

j. crew vest, quilted vest, j. crew quilted vest, excursion vest, j. crew excursion quilted vest in herringbone

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Top: BlueTique (old)/Vest: J. Crew/Skirt: Forever21/Boots: Ciao Bella Tabby (similar)

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