New Makeup Launch: Carmindy Beauty

I have been compensated by QVC for this post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own!

Say hello to some new beauty that has hit the shelves of my beauty counter: Carmindy Beauty! If you're racking your brain trying to figure out where you know her from, she's a makeup artist who is most known from What Not To Wear (who else remember religiously watching that show??). And she just launched an affordable and cruelty-free makeup line exclusively on QVC!


Back in July, I was sent some tester items to try out the new makeup line, and I ended up liking it so much we decided to partner for the next three months (yay!!). I've been hinting at it some on Instagram -- all the way back to the makeup for my engagement shoot -- and now I can finally share all the details (and links) with you guys.

Some quick background about the overall theme of the brand is about effortless and stress-free beauty (with numbered steps). Which I'm a big fan of. Every time I do makeup I'm always going for the natural but enhanced, look, and with this, it's so easy.

I'll link all her products down below, but I wanted to share my top five favorites from the collection:

Tap On Concealer: I've never actually used a concealer like this before, and I think I'm half intrigued and half obsessed with it. It's basically like a coverup stick that you draw on and then just use your fingers to tap into the skin. I've loved it for random spots that need concealing as its the perfect shade match. But I also tried it last weekend for a no-makeup makeup look under my eyes, and it worked really well. Just the right amount of coverage I needed/was going for. This is my fav of the group!

Universal Lipstick: I'm so bad at finding the perfect pink lip, honestly. They either wash me out or are too dark, and it's a honest to goodness struggle, and is usually why I just stick to my reds! But I gave this a shot (even though in the tube it looks too dark for me) and ended up really liking it! It's kind of the perfect pink for this time of year also -- not too bright and springy, but a little more muted for fall.

I Got You Mascara: So I am super loyal to mascara because eyelashes are some of the most essential things in my routine (to me!), but I've never been able to find a suitable lower lash mascara. The brush on this mascara wand is so small and perfect for your lower lashes, AND this mascara doesn't move at all during the day so no need to worry about smudges. I also used it last weekend for my top mascara for when I wanted a more natural look and it was great. Excellent at layering without getting clumpy!

Carmindizing Highlighter: This was one of the products I was most excited for as I'm always trying to find the "perfect" highlighter. Over the past year, I've been stepping away from the beaming over-done highlight that was super popular to go for a much more natural glow from within look. This is very natural, so it did take me a few swipes to build up to what I wanted, but in the end, I got it, and it turned out wonderfully!

At First Blush: And last, some blush. I love blush, and it's one of the makeup items I would not be able to live without! The one thing I always find trouble with when it comes to powder blush is the pigment takes time to build and also goes away fast. My first time trying this blush, I didn't realize how pigmented it would be! OH lol was it a lot haha. But now, since I've tried it a few more times since, I mastered the amount, and it looks great. I NEED matte blushes without any kind of sheen to it because I think it highlights my pores. 

I'm still testing out the other products in the line, so I will report back on everything in the coming weeks. I've been testing makeup like crazy in preparation for my wedding -- doing a lot of side by side and I have to tell you, some of these new products are making the trip with me!! Would you guys want a wedding makeup tutorial??


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