Our Tropical Themed Couples Shower

SO excited to finally be sharing these photos with you guys! Our shower was an absolute blast and it came to life better than I ever imagined. Get ready for some photo overload!

The Food + Decor:

The Shower:

I think I've mentioned this before but it's so so so wonderful to have this idea in your head but if it can't live up to expectations you've set, you're always a little sad. But I am so happy to say it went off exactly as I hoped AND was even better than I planned for. So very grateful for my future SIL and MIL to help and host this shower for Andrew and I. And thankful that they let me be so involved in the planning and party!

Our shower was featured on Over the Moon earlier this week and I definitely think you need to head over to give it a read before we continue! They wrote such a wonderful article about the party and our plans. It was so fun to see! (Plus they have some exclusive photos!)

We had our shower at Decadent Ales, which is the brewery that Andrew helped start with his cousin and Dad a few years back. It just seemed like the perfect place to have all of our friends and family come and celebrate our future marriage. The place also really lent itself to our tropical theme which was so wonderful!

The one thing I really wanted after we got married was having Shake Shack at the wedding. I just loved the idea of having this really fabulous party with some true New York burgers. But once we decided to have everything in Nantucket I realized that it just wouldn't be possible so I set my sights on it for the shower. Andrew wasn't that into it probably up until we actually had it but it was one of my non-negotiables lol. 

But as you know Shake Shack doesn't really have a catering service and I was convinced I was going to have to order it and have someone drive to pick it up. THANKFULLY they do deliver and I was connected with the local Shake Shack GM and he was a total gem and helped the party really come to life. We had the regular burgers, chicken, and mushroom options as well as boatloads of fries and some shakes that were served with dessert. 

And I, of course, couldn't stop there... If I was really going to make this the party of my dreams I wanted to have some Dippin Dots for dessert. Andrew and I aren't really big cake people and much prefer ice cream of sorts. Last year when I was in Lexington for my littles wedding, she had served Dippin Dots and I was like f-yea! I need them for my party too. So that's what I did. Fun fact you can order individual packs or large buckets online to be delivered! It was a lot of fun to have the food be so popular in an unexpected but very exciting way. 

Outside of the main food, we had lots of fruits set up in cute ways, chips and guacamole made by my future FIL (he makes the best guac), cheese and some veggies. Dessert also had a small cake, cupcakes, donuts, and cookies.

For the balloon wall, I'm happy to say we did that ourselves! It was a lot of work but it really turned out so cute I couldn't get over it. We just used this little strip to make the arch (I know, I couldn't believe that was it either) and got the regular balloons from party city and large gold foil letter ones from Amazon. The backdrop was also from Amazon, as were the palm leaves and stems. Most of the plates and extras like that were also from party city!

For more information on my look, you can see What I Wore to my Bridal Shower here. And check out Our Shower Invites + Why We Had a Couples Shower here. It's like 3am when I'm typing this so please let me know what I left out that you would like covered and I'm happy to do so!

Photos by Carter Fish

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