When is the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale? January 2018

It's coming!!

The best sale of the year is just around the corner and I'm so excited! This is always my favorite way to kick off the New Year. It may seem a little crazy buying resort items in the middle of the winter but if anything it's more of a kick in the butt to get somewhere warmer hahah.

Anyway! The sale starts on January 3rd at 8am ET and items are for the taking! If this is your first sale, let me share some major tips with you:
  1. Login the day before -- the site will go down the night before and being logged in already helps with a speedy check out (so you don't lose any items in your bag!)
  2. Get online early (set your alarm) - I usually login around 7:45 and just wait -- get ready, do other things, just whatever you do -- DO NO REFRESH YOUR PAGE. You will lose your spot in line! Lilly has a system so they website doesn't crash where they have a virtual line. Sometimes it can move quickly, other times not so much... so...
  3. Be patient -- it's just a sale and there will be items still there if you're not the first person to shop. A lot of times too the site crashes and you just have to wait until they get it back up. Thats OK! 
  4. Shop quickly and check out ONE time -- my super stealth mode trick is to shop all on one page and narrow immediately by size (you can find your true match size HERE on their website -- it's actually pretty cool. Just take a 60 survey and you're done!) then I shop my favorites, add to my cart and check out! Once you check out remember you'll be placed at the end of the line to re-enter the site.
  5. Check back daily for new additions -- Lilly is always known for adding items later in the day and also giving away some great prizes and promotions. SO be sure to check back whenever you have the chance after the sale has started. Thats when you find the prize jems!

You can see all the FAQ HERE to learn a little more about the sale this year and how to best shop it!

Other helpful links from past sales:

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