The Land Rover Experience

The Land Rover Experience

Add this to the cool stuff I did in Vermont list! I had so much fun driving around in my dream car, catching up with a friend and off roading in a very expensive car. What more could you want?


The Land Rover Experience
The Land Rover Experience
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One of the main reasons we wanted to visit Vermont (besides the shooting school) was to see our friend David at the Land Rover Experience and drive some cars on their track! If you remember I met David at Sandanona last time I was up for the day doing the True Barbour Experience. I had so much fun during our little 15-minute session that he told me whenever I came up to Vermont to give him a call.

Of course I did! This was for sure one of the highlights of our trip. We spent about an hour together; 30 minutes driving around the course and the other 30 heading up to Equinox Mountain for some amazing views.

The driving was so much fun. Just as crazy as last time where we were going straight down a hill or driving on two wheels (the other two are in the air and will touch down after the bumps) but it was still SO much fun. Their course (and land) is massive so there are so many things to do and test out while you're there.

It's still amazing that these cars can offroad. You always picture Land Rovers as these really high-priced fancy cars and while they are, they also are total off-roading machines! The car is so smart that it can help you navigate at a 90-degree angle, can drive through a ton of water and can fit in the smallest places.

I always have left David and this Land Rover experience a better driver having always learned something new. This time it was about turning radius, so you can fit into tight spots and turn without scratching the side of the car. He said that when you are looking forward (and going straight) and the obstacle you are turning around is out of your line of vision (still looking straight), that's when it is safe to turn. Your blind spot and the cars axis are similar. I thought it was amazing!!

If you ever want to try out the Land Rover Experience for yourself, check out their website! They have a ton of locations and options for the course (1 hour, 2 + hours, full day...). And if you're ever at the Vermont location, ask for David! He is the BEST!!



  1. Love your country style. Sophie x


  2. You are MUCH braver than me! Since moving to a city, I think I drive a car maybe 3 times a year (When I go home) so I would be way too nervous to go off-roading. Looks like such a fun time though, maybe I should face my fear and give it a whirl!

    - Lauren

  3. I LOVE Land Rovers! What a fun experience. Totally want one of these cars!

    Her Heartland Soul


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