Nordstrom Sale Picks + Reviews

Thought it would be fun to review my recent Nordstrom sale purchases (what worked, what didn't) today so you can see them on a real person, read honest reviews and buy something for yourself! Remember early access sale ends TODAY and the sale opens up to the public on FRIDAY!

Halogen Cashmere Sweater
Sizing: Ordered my size Medium and it fits nicely. It's meant to be a bigger/looser sweater so untucked it can cover the bum.

Price: $89.90 - marked down from $138

Thoughts: This sweater is SO SOFT -- I knew it was cashmere but I didn't know the quality of it. It's really really awesome. I want it in about 5 other colors because this is such a staple for fall. You can layer it or wear it on it's own. Really good investment and while $85 may seem pricey, cashmere usually runs $100+
Sizing: Ordered my normal size 6 (US) size and fits true to size (with room to layer)

Price: $99 - marked down from $149

Thoughts: I love anything Barbour and this has just been added to the list. This green color is really great for fall because it goes with everything -- camel, black, blue, white.... It's a heavy wool material so it isn't as soft as the cashmere sweater but it will definitely keep you warm. I LOVE how it looks with a crisp white blouse underneath. It's great to layer with.

Sizing: I ordered my normal size 6 and it fits like a glove! Totally true to size and such a flattering dress.

Price: $85.90 - marked down from $129

Thoughts: This dress is awesome. Already worn it to work this week and got a ton of compliments on it. It really fits so so well. I wish it had pockets (my only complaint) and I love the little bow detail. The material is stretchy so it really does hug to the body and the material of the dress is really lightweight.

AG Jeans
Sizing: Ordered my normal size 29 and they fit great. They are stretchy but do not stretch out over time.

Price: $163.90 - marked down from $245

Thoughts: I love all AG jeans so I might be biased but these are a really awesome pair. They are distressed in the right places, have an amazing wash on them and are super comfortable to wear. I say any time AG goes on sale, you buy them. I'm a jean snob and hate wearing any unless they are 100% comfortable and these fit the bill. I promise you won't be upset if you get them!

Sizing: I ordered a size medium (I have NO idea what my normal hat size is) and I'm sure I could have gotten away with a large. 

Price: $129 - marked down from $195

Thoughts: I think good fall hats are a one in a million find and ones reasonably priced even less. This hat is a great color and is so well made its really hard to pass up. I love it so so much but I'm on the fence of if I want to keep it because I have no idea how much I'll wear it. I work during the week so it would only be able to join us on the weekends. Very big internal struggle of what to do because I really do love this hat.

Sizing: I ordered this in my normal size 6 and I think it fits true to size. I know on the site it runs small in the shoulders but I did't think that was the case! I tried it on with multiple layers and it fit fine with and without them.

Price: $139 - marked down from $220

Thoughts: I LOVE this jacket. I'm always find myself in need of a nice camel colored jacket that can be worn dressed up or down. It's wool so I think it'll be great in the colder months and I love the length because it covers the bum! Ralph Lauren can do no wrong. 

Not pictured that I kept:
1. These bras!!! I can't tell you how many girls have bought them off of my recommendation and then have reached out to thank me. They will change your life and are NEVER on sale. So buy them while you can because they are too expensive to stock up on otherwise.

Things I liked but didn't love:
1. This peplum top - it was really pretty on but I just didn't love it. Trying to save money because I went a little overboard with the sale and it just didn't speak to me. I would still recommend it for others I just didn't love it on myself!

2. These sunglasses (in pink) - I loved the shape and the frame color but the stark difference between the frame and the lens threw me off. I wish it was a tad bit lighter or mirrored. For the price (and for how many I have) keeping them just wasn't justified. 

3. These shoes - they are beautiful shoes and so well made AND they were comfortable. But they just weren't for me. I always tell myself I need a pair of navy booties but I just can't seem to find a pair that I fall in love with. One of these days!

Things I hated: 
1. This dress - it's cheap in more ways than just the price. You get what you pay for and don't waste your money! It totally see through and won't transition well into fall because it's literally paper thin. 

2. These shoes - I really wanted to find a great alternative for the Stuart Weitzman pair but these are so cheap I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. I couldn't even get my foot into the shoe (ordered my normal size 8) and the color was totally off and not like the pictured. 

3. This hat - it was cheap and so floppy it just looked dumb. Maybe I just have a thing against floppy hats but this one had zero structure and I just was not a fan. 


  1. You managed to find the most classic pieces at the NSale - so good! Happy Thursday!

  2. Thank you for the great reviews! I have the Halogen sweater and the Ralph Lauren coat in my basket as I anxiously wait for tomorrow and hope they are still available :) Need to get the card before the Spring/Summer sale! Also where are your peep toe booties from? They are super cute - thanks!

  3. You got some lovely pieces in the sale. I really love the sweaters. Great staple pieces x


  4. Love the reviews! I just ordered the Halogen cashmere sweater and debated for a while about it, first about whether or not to even get it since I hardly ever dry clean anything and 2nd which color to get as I wanted a classic one given the price. I ended up ordering the grey as I wasn't sure if the camel/tan would be flattering on my skin tone.

    I got my first Nsale order yesterday and am not keeping much. Definitely glad I ordered a couple Natori bras, though! Natori is what I was fitted into last year and I've loved them ever since but didn't own the tshirt bra yet.

  5. I love that coat and those sweaters!

    Her Heartland Soul

  6. I love what you picked. Classic pieces (even the bras!) make sense to stock up on. I am also looking for a great camel coat but I want something a bit more dramatic. A wrap with more of a collar. I am so impatient for fall!!

  7. Thank you for the honesty in what didn't work! It drives me nuts when people don't give honest reviews of items so they can keep collecting commission on the sales.

  8. FYI, Nordstrom Rack has some Natori bras for really cheap on their website (like in the $25-$30 range).

  9. Enjoyed these reviews and the whole preppy vibe you have going here! Totally my style!

    How 2 Wear It [] http://how2wearit.com

  10. I'm SOOOO getting this jacket - it's a classic! I love your reviews!

    Pink Champagne Problems

  11. Love.

  12. I ordered 2 of the sweaters! Thanks for the honest recommendations.


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