Friday Five January 22

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I'm back from LA and this week has FLOWN by. I feel like I'm just playing catch up and hopefully I can get it together for this weekend. Good thing the snow storm will shut down most of the city so maybe once I'm done building snowmen in the park, I'll buckle down and stay in for the night!
ONE / Dinner with Dooney
I had the pleasure of hanging out with Dooney and Burke last night for a blogger dinner they hosted at Kingsley in the East Village. It was a really fun night filled with amazing food and great talk. I also got to check out some cute purses and I haven't stopped thinking about this one!
TWO / TED Talks
I've always been a big fan of TED talks but recently my obsession has gone to another level. Maybe it's because I became hooked again through their podcasts (more on that below) but now I watch 2-3 a day. They're super inspiring and really a great way to learn about new topics or see old ones in a new light. 
My recent favorites have been this one about addiction and this about re-thinking infidelity

THREE / J.O.A Dress
I bought this dress for my trip to LA but I didn't end up wearing it and now I fear that it's going to be in my closet for a while (#snow). Which is so sad because I LOVE this dress. I mean, waist tie and blue/white stripes, what's not to love? Maybe I just need to sneak away for a warm weather vacation and be done with it. Thoughts??
FOUR / Podcasts
I got into podcasts last year with the popularity of Serial. Then I realized how fun they were to listen to on my commute to/from work and in my free time when I didn't want to watch TV. Now I've found myself totally addicted and I listen to a ton of podcasts. 
My favorites are Bill Simmons, Katie Nolan, Serial, TED, Bachelor Party and No Quitters to name a few. I've even become so in love with them, I want to start one of my own! I think it would be kind of cool and totally different but it's very possible I'm the only one who would listen to it haha.
FIVE / Celebrity Impressions
This is so amazing! The guy, Ross Marquand, is SPOT ON with impressions. I also kind of loved it more the second time
Weekend Plans: I'm going to try and enjoy this snowy weather!! It's the first real snow storm in NY this year and I'm honestly looking forward to it. Thankfully I have my Canada Goose!
Favorite Blogs: Guys, Courtney had an AMAZING post about her journey to #BYOB (Building Your Own Business) and I couldn't be more proud of her! Loving this look from Jen -- total bag envy!!

Recent Purchases: I actually haven't shopped this week (woo!) I've honestly just been so so busy but I do have plans to restock my Murad wipes. I'm also trying to figure out how much I 'need' this bag.
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