Alternate jerseys:
Uniforms that incorporate the team's colors but are not worn on a regular basis. 

Oh what I would give to be able to wear this outfit right now in the city. It's freezing outside and all I really want is some sunshine. Sunshine and a chance to wear my white jeans and Jacks. This look is the ultimate spring and summer look. I know there is that "rule" that prohibits white after Labor Day, but I've never been a fan of rules. I bought this Elsa top from Lilly Pulitzer not too long ago. It was my first Elsa, and let me say, I'm in love! It's a wonderful shirt, fit, and material; an all-around A+ top. And you can't dispute this print. Navy and white is obviously a love of mine, but the elephants -- who doesn't love elephants? It goes so nicely with the jeans, even though the print is more of a light grey or dull white than a bright white. That was one thing that had me hesitant, but there were so many more pros than one little con, so I kept the shirt. Happy happy dance. Now give me the warm weather that goes with this outfit and we'll call it a day. Okay?

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Isn't Caitlin great at snapping photos of me?


  1. hehehe my favorite are the last three <3

  2. Hello! Do you like your jeans? I really want a pair of white jeans for summer, but I don't want to get a pair that are see through :/ Cute outfit!! I love UK colors :)

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