NYC Date Night (+ Restaurant Guide)

Everyone needs a good date night in the city right? The food is too good not to eat and the dresses are too pretty not to be worn. 


EIC: Wrap Dress (under $79!) / Burberry: Trench Coat / Manolo Blahnik: Black Pumps + Topshop: Shoe Clips (get the whole look here or here) / Louis Vuitton: Petite Malle / David Yurman: Pearl Earrings

I love, love, love when I find a good wrap dress at an affordable price. I knew this one specifically would be great for one of those work to play nights. It's great for either, but when you have something really great to go to after work, THIS is the dress you want to wear that day.

I dressed it up with a nice pair of heels and those shoe clips I was raving about on Snapchat a few weeks ago! It really made a simple look a little more fun. 

I have to admit, Andrew and I don't do enough special date nights. There are so many great spots in the city that I almost feel overwhelmed by the choices! I feel like when I lived in Chelsea we were a little better because there were more walkable spots to choose from, but now being so far west we're limited.

That and I'm an indoor cat. I'll be the first to admit it! This is what Andrew calls me and I just laugh because it's true. I'm an indoor cat. I like staying at home and sleeping. It's just when I get home I have stuff to do and when I don't have anything to do I take full advantage of that time.

Also eating out a lot can get so expensive! At most restaurants you're looking at $100 (on average) date night. So I struggle between wanting to explore more new places and not wanting to go out and spend money haha. The struggle is REAL folks.

Thankfully I have "been around the block" or two over the past (almost!!) four years to know a enough places to visit and recommend to newcomers in the city. I've listed out my top places by areas of the city, bolded/italicized my favorites in each area and put * next to the ones that have a dedicated post on the blog if you wanted to know more.

FYI these are my top picks for dinner in the city with friends or a boo thang. While a lot of them do serve a mean brunch, I'm saving that list for another day :)

East/West/Greenwich Village:
Midtown/Lower Manhattan:


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